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This summer, the Ferry House Pub hopes to brew their first beer, a pale hoppy citrusy bitter with an ABV of around 4%. Steve had the idea back in 2005 to open a micro brewery on site producing top quality real cask ales for sale to the public.

Finding the brewing equipment took a while longer and in May 2011, he bought 6 brewing vessels at an auction. The heat exchanger came from a dairy, and all the other modifications were engineered from the unique skills of a customer, Martin Lambert. With the micro brewery equipment in place, the next step was to go on a brewing course, which he did in February.

The last stage is to make it all legal and above board by applying for a license from HMRC. Steve hopes to begin some test productions very soon.

As yet there is no name for the first ale planned, do you have an idea? If so, send us an email to

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