Guest Ale NameDescription
Belgian BeerMort Subite Kriek

Background: Monastic records from 1604 referred to a farm-brewery in the village of Kobbegem and in the 19th century it was expanded by the De Keersmaeker family from whom the brewery originally took its name.

Tasting notes: Mort Subite Kriek has a pure fruity taste, coming from one of the few breweries that continues to use real fruit rather than concentrate to flavour the beer. This fantastic Belgian beer is mainly an on-trade drink, but equally appreciated outdoors at home during the summer.

The Brand: Lambic is a truely unique style both within the important Belguim beer sector and worldwide. The name, Mort Subite means “sudden death” in French, and is a reference to the final throw in a dice game played in The A la Mort Bar in Brussels during the 2nd World War.
Stella Black 4.9%

Tasting Notes: Subtle hints of lemon and tropical fruit, plus a little sourness that fills out the palate. A golden lager, matured for twice as long as standard lagers.
Stella Artois 4 percentStella Artois 4%

Tasting Notes: A premium pale lager with the heritage and taste credentials synonymous with Stella Artois. Brewed using a pioneering triple-filtered brewing technique to create smoother ale.
Honey brownSleeman Honey Brown Lager: 4.8% abv draught; 5.2% bottle

Background: Sleeman is Canada’s foremost craft brewery with an exceptional brewing pedigree for “notoriously good” beers and a back story like no other.Family-run and with over 200 years of brewing expertise it can list piracy of the high seas and bootlegging for Al Capone as part of its heritage.

Tasting Notes: Rich amber colour, full-bodied with a subtle touch of natural honey with a slightly sweet finish. It has a distinctive clover honey notes accent and aromas of lightly toasted malt and caramel. The beer contains Zeus hops used for bittering and Hallertau Herzbruckker for the aroma.
Sleeman India Pale AleSleeman India Pale Ale: 4.8% abv

Tasting Notes: Dark amber colour with a spicy hop nose and a slightly fruity aroma. It has a malty sweetness at the beginning, then it becomes an authentic IPA hoppy bitterness on the finish that is thirst quenching rather than overpowering. Made with Pale, Crystal & Carastan malt, Cascade, Goldings and Willamette hops.
krombacher beerKrombacher Pilsener 4.8% abv

Background: The brewery was founded in 1803 in Krombach-Westfalia and was sited because of the pure spring water- Fersquellwasser meaning soft and low in minerals perfect for brewing Pilsener.

Tasting notes: Germanys best selling pilsener with an ABV of 4.8%, regarded as the optimum for premium quality Pilsener. The beer has a wonderful balance of hops and malt with a distinctive crispness on the finish.
Weizen weisenKrombacher Wizen 5.3% abv

Tasting Notes: A naturally cloudy style of wheat beer with a unique tangy flavour. Exciting, fruity and full bodied taste with an enticing character.
Liefmans-fruitesseLiefmans Fruitesse 4.2% abv

Background: Liefmans, one of the cult breweries of Belgium since 1679, have been producing beers of distinctive flavour derived from a process of mixed fermentation in open vessels, a blending of young and old beers and bottle-aging in the cellars at the Oudenaarde Brewery.

Tasting Notes: Liefmans is brewed from pale, dark and roasted malts and, after fermentation for one week, the beers mature for another four to eight months (or a full year for Cuvée Brut).

A unique, fresh beer blend which matures for 18 months on cherries in the Liefmans cellars, combining the natural juices of strawberry, raspberry, cherry, blueberry and juniper berry. As you would expect, a sweet and fruity beer - sparkling and refreshing with a soft head.
Rekorderlig CidreRecorderlig Swedish Cider 4% abv

Background: From its organic Swedish roots at Vimmerby in Sweden, Recoirderlig has been brewing cider for 4 generations.

Tasting Notes: Made from the purist Swedish spring water, Recorderlig strawberry and lime cider was the first to explore this unique flavour combination for a refreshing zesty experience.
Sunnydaze beerOldershaw Brewery - Sunnydaze 4.0% abv

A wheat beer brewed with 40% wheat, giving a refreshing and hoppy taste. Fined bright.
Newton DropOldershaw Brewery - Newtons Drop 4.4% abv

Brewed with Czech and German hops to produce a cask conditioned lager with good hop aroma and taste.
Regal Blonde from OldershawOldershaw Brewery - Regal Blonde 4.1% abv

A golden / amber coloured distinctive hoppy beer, brewed using the new dwarf 'First Gold' hop.
Tom Woods Best bitterTom Wood - Best Bitter 3.5%

This easy to drink bitter has a fresh, dry, hoppy flavour combined with a fruity aftertaste and heady aroma.
Lincolnshire LegendTom Wood's - Lincolnshire Legend - 4.2% abv

This beer has an old fashioned earthy hops bitterness with a hint of sweetness in the mouth. Flavours are bitter citrus with dry floral notes.
Anglers Reward real aleWold Top Brewery - Anglers Reward 4.0% abv

The ultimate catch, a refreshing golden pale ale with a fruity bitterness & lingering aftertaste. Brewed with Wold grown malts and hopped with the fruity Cascade and Goldings hops.
Against the GrainWold Top Brewery - Against the Grain 4.5% abv

A gluten free beer. Smooth & creamy, a good head and full flavoured indistinguishable from a normal bitter! Also suitable for vegans.
Wold Top BitterWold Top Brewery - Bitter 3.7%

A light amber coloured, crisp clean aromatic session bitter, with an unusually full flavour for its abv and a long hoppy finish. Brewed from Wold grown Barley malt, with Northdown hops for traditional bittering and flavour.

Guest Ales

We have a wide range of guest ales which are carefully prepared in our cellar and come from award winning breweries from all over the area. These change regularly throughout the week, so it is too much to list every beer we have on tap here. Needless to say, you will not be disappointed by our fantastic selection.

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