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Steve Smith About us

My family have held the Ferry House Inn for 54 years. We have a long and honourable reputation that spans much further than the village boundary.

The pub is mainly wet led, and good beer, good standards and good conversation have been the hall mark of how a village pub should operate. The pub sits close to the River Trent and has a long and remarkable history linked to busy river transport. We also have a small jetty (marked on the river map) and throughout the summer months the pub attracts hundreds of customers and their families down to the riverside.


The activities which surround that pub help to make it the special place that it is today. There are many activities which take place on the Trent river such as boating, jet-ski and water ski and all these events are closely linked to the Ferry House. In addition, there are BBQs, bands,  a bouncy castle, soul music night and bike events which happen throughout the summer.

Also known as the Bottom Pub, the Ferry House Inn is strongly involved in the cohesiveness of village life and acts as an important meeting place (the village hub) for many different groups. These include the History society, the Lions, Burton Allotment Society and Burton Heritage Group. Over the years they have all met monthly in our summer lounge. Many campaigns and big society projects have also been thought up after a few drinks at our pub.

The River Bank

The pub has a reputation for being very safe. In fact, North Lincolnshire Council designated the grounds and riverbank ”A Children’s Play Area”. They have erected a sign (Children Playing).

Altogether I am responsible for about 80 metres of the riverside and I cut the grass on both sides of the riverbank. Over the years I have  planted several trees on the foreshore and have encouraged lush grass to grow from the bank right up to the rivers edge where previously river mud existed. My family started this project over 20 years ago and this is a personal passion of mine.

The Micro Brewery

The pub will soon open a brand new micro brewery shortly and a very large window gives a view into what is a prestigious and showpiece Micro Brewery. We have a reputation for good quality cask beer and brewing our own ‘Stather Bitter’ can only enhance that reputation this year and into the next.

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